Mobile Content

To download content directly from your PTEL handset, your phone must be capable of accessing mobile web, and you must be subscribed to a rate plan that includes mobile web.

Once the service has been added and you are able to access the Web on your phone, there are a variety of ways you will be able to get great mobile content:

  • If you have an Android™ phone, access the Google Play store (formerly Google Marketplace)
  • If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store
  • For Windows Phone 7 & 8, visit the App+Games store
  • For all other devices, please see the device manufacturer for where to get additional content

PTEL Mobile does not sell or offer mobile content. Please take note that not all content is free, and may require purchase. PTEL is not responsible for content purchased, and not responsible for any issues caused to a device by content that was added after the handset was purchased.