General Phone Use Instructions:

Setting up PTEL Mobile Voicemail

  • To access your voicemail you can press and hold the "1" button, or dial your own mobile number.
  • Step 1: Create your 4-9 digit password, then press #
  • Step 2: Record your name (10 seconds), then press #
  • Step 3: Record your personal greeting (30 seconds) or press 2 to have your greeting as your name

PTEL Mobile Text Messaging

SMS (or Text messaging) is available as an option with all plans on capable handsets. SMS messages are limited to 160 characters per message. Though different based on your handset, generally you must access a "messaging" menu on your phone to send or read messages. Find the "write" or "compose" option, provide the recepient's telephone number, input your message, and then send.

3-Way Calling

PTEL 3-Way Calling is included in all prepaid plans and is charged as regular airtime per call. To add a third party into a conversation, simply dial the third party's number and press Send Talk again to connect both parties with you.

PTEL Call Waiting

PTEL Call Waiting is included in all prepaid plans. To use call-waiting, simply press the Send/Talk button when you hear a short beep while on the phone with another party. This will place your original call on hold and answer your second call. To return to your original call just press Send/Talk. When using call waiting, you will be charged regular airtime for each call.

How to Check Balance or Add Airtime

To check balance or add airtime 24 hours a day, simply dial ADD (233) from your wireless phone (airtime charges apply). From a land line phone you may dial 1-866-2-REFILL (1-866-273-3455) and simply follow the voice prompts.

You can also check your balance by sending a text message to PTEL (7835) with the word "BAL" in the body of the message. This is a free service.

From go to My Account tab, enter Mobile Number and Password, select Top-Up, enter Pin Number, confirm PIN number being loaded, select Enter to submit.

From your PTEL phone, access the web via the mobile browser. From the home screen select "My Account". Your balance will be displayed. This service is not available on Android devices.

From your wireless phone you may add a PIN onto your account by sending a text to PT01 (7801). Simply add the PIN into the message and press "Send".