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Glyde Used Device Frequently Asked Questions.

Where do these used devices come from?
PTel is proud to offer used devices through our friends at Glyde.

Who is Glyde?
Glyde is on online retailer that carries PTel compatible devices. Glyde is an independent company that we have partnered with to offer our customers a way to purchase and sell devices. PTel is not responsible for or have any liability related to devices purchased or sold through Glyde. PTel does not endorse, warrant or guarantee devices purchased or sold through Glyde.

How do I order a used device?
Click the "Buy Me Used" button and you will see a window that will direct you through the Glyde buying process.

How do I check if my device will work on PTel?
To ensure that your device will function on PTel service, please make sure to first check that the IMEI has not been flagged for being lost or stolen. Lost or stolen devices are usually blacklisted by their original carrier and may not be activated. Click here to check your IMEI. The IMEI can be located on the back of the device, usually by removing the battery. (PTel Mobile does not guaranty or warrant the information provided by third parties.)

How do I return my used device from Glyde?
If the item you purchased is not as described, simply contact Glyde directly and they will issue you a pre-addressed, pre-stamped shipping kit. They'll handle the rest.  PTel does not handle device returns, therefore all returns must me handled by Glyde.

How long will it take to get my device from Glyde?
The seller will ship you your device within 48 hours.  The shipping time may vary based on where the device is being shipped from, and to where it is being shipped.

How do I activate my used device from Glyde?
Grab your device and PTel SIM card and visit our activation page, and just follow the simple steps.

How do I make sure my data and MMS will work on the device from Glyde?
PTel has worked with Glyde to offer devices that are known to fully function on PTel service. To set up the correct data and MMS settings visit our support page for information about your model.

What is the warranty on a used device from Glyde?
Devices purchased from Glyde come in "As Is" condition.

How do I cancel my order?
Go to the Glyde Transaction page as soon as possible to see if the order can still be cancelled. Cancellations can only be done before the seller is sent their shipping kit.

How do I track my order?
Once the seller ships the item you will see the tracking information on the Transaction page.

I see the "Sell" button, what is that for?
If you have a device you would like to sell, just follow the simple steps to list your device for sale on Glyde.

What can I sell on Glyde?
You can sell smartphones, tablets, iPods and much more.

How do I get paid when my item sells?
Once your item sells, the funds will deposited into your Glyde account within 48-72 hours after delivery to your buyer. You can withdraw your money directly to your bank account, get paid in bitcoins, or receive a paper check.

What are the fees for selling on Glyde?
You can create your account and list your item for FREE. When your item sells, Glyde will deduct 12% on the first $100 of the items sale price and 8% on the rest. Depending on the item you're selling, there is a $1-$6 fee for the shipping kit.

How do I send my item to the buyer?
Glyde will send you a foam-padded box for your specific item which includes a pre-paid postage label.  DO NOT include any additional items, other than power adapter and cable since the postage label is calculated based on the weight of the device in power adapter & cable.

Why do I need a credit card if I am selling?
Glyde uses the credit card to maintain the trustworthiness and reliability of the marketplace for buyers and sellers. It is used to verify your identity. There are no charges for creating an account or listing an item for sale.

Have more questions about buying or selling on Glyde? Check out their helpful FAQ.