Why Prepaid

The case to be made for prepaid over postpaid is as simple as it is straightforward:

  • Freedom - Prepaid cell phone service gives you freedom from contracts and long term commitments. Why enter into a two-year relationship with a company whose product you've yet to experience?
  • Value - It is a common myth that Prepaid is much more expensive than contract wireless service. This is simply not true. Postpaid wireless providers charge you for features that you might never use to maintain their generous revenue streams at the level they're accustomed to. Nowadays, you can get comparable prepaid plans that give you just as many minutes as a postpaid plan would give you.
  • The Economy - So, you've been feeling the pinch as well? Is there a postpaid provider out there that would let you out of your long-term contract simply because you cannot afford your monthly payment? Not likely. With prepaid, when you don't have the money, you can call it quits on your own terms.
  • Low Cost - Is there a postpaid provider that offers prepaid cell phone service for as low as $5 per month? That's not likely either. You can activate a PlatinumTel Real Paygo prepaid phone for $10 and use it for 3 months. In times like these, a low cost option shouldn't be too much to ask for from your wireless company.