About PTel Mobile

PTEL Mobile is a brand of PlatinumTel Communications, LLC. PlatinumTel has operated as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) since 2001 and has built a loyal customer following in the nationwide pay-as-you-go industry. We are dedicated to delivering wireless services and choices for each subscriber's specific needs. PlatinumTel prepaid cell phones and plans are competitive and reasonable, especially in the current economic downturn. PlatinumTel's products and services are easy to understand and are carefully tailored to meet our subscribers' needs. Our plans do not require our subscribers to enter into a multi-year service contract nor do we require them to pay more than what they need or can afford. Our Subscribers are given the tools to control their accounts in a simple and convenient way therefore keeping them in charge. Our subscribers also enjoy simplified billing with no deposits, no termination fees, no credit checks, no monthly bills and no hidden fees. Our network coverage is extremely reliable and extensive.


As an innovator and pioneer in prepaid wireless since 2001, PlatinumTel has successfully expanded and grown into a thriving nationwide prepaid wireless provider. We pride ourselves in our highly advanced research and development operation that has enabled us to offer simple yet competitive prepaid products in a dynamic and ever-changing wireless industry.

The Many Ways We Care and Excel

Customer Service

Our highly-trained, U.S.-based customer care specialists will be more than happy to handle all of your requests. For any technical problems, issues, or questions, our customer care department is available seven days a week. We take so much pride in our ability and willingness to handle your problems that, unlike other wireless service providers, the first menu item when you call us (after you select the language) directs your call to a live operator. Go ahead and try it by dialing 866-CALL-ME-1 (866-225-5631), but make sure to call us during these times:

Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM Central Standard Time
Sunday: 10AM-5PM Central Standard Time

Sales Support Team

PlatinumTel's Sales Support Team is comprised of sales and marketing groups that are the backbone of delivering our products to underserved markets and segments. Our dedicated and experienced sales representatives and account managers operate in a high-availability environment guaranteeing the best possible service through multiple sales channels.

Information Technology

Our in-house IT Team is available 24/7 to facilitate smooth operations with minimal interruptions. PlatinumTel's IT systems run at five-nines availability, which means that our systems are available 99.999% of the time in any given year. Our highly experienced Research and Development Team ensures that customer and client needs are met in a timely fashion. In an ever-changing wireless industry, our teams are able to translate business and market requirements into business solutions to better serve the needs of our business partners and consumers alike.

In 2003, PlatinumTel launched PTX2, the PlatinumTel Telephone Processing Technology Platform, an enterprise-wide system that operates in a distributed environment. It integrates many components including user-friendly Customer Service Management (CSM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, billing and rating engines, a Web transaction processing system for the retail channel, a Web transaction processing and account management system for the consumer, Point of Sale and Inventory Management Systems, and state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.