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Bring Your Own Phone

Your phone + Our SIM = Savings at 4G speeds


We are PTEL, one of the oldest prepaid cell phone providers in the United States, bringing you affordable prepaid wireless service since 2001.

We are also the geniuses behind the cheapest pay-as-you-go service in the U.S., Real Paygo. So, hello ;-)

And now we bring you Unlimited Everything plans with 4G, on a nationwide GSM network. Plus the ability to bring your own phone!

what they say

Almost every day I hear people moaning about their phone bills. I thought phone bills went out with the dinosaurs. Oh yeah, not everybody has PlatiumTel...Yet.
Bob F. - Philadelphia, PA
Love this Service!
Patrick - Chicago, IL
I don't use my phone a lot, so to be able to text for 2 cents a message and access the web for 10 cents a meg has saved me a lot of money.
Michael T. - Santa Barbara, CA
I love the new way you guys are doing this. More fair and more fun, good job! Did I ever mention that I work for At&t and still have a ptel phone? Haha, you rock!
Brighid - Facebook